How You Can Help

There are multiple ways in which interested alumni can contribute to the Alumni Association and its Initiatives as listed below

Financial Support

Contribution to the Corpus Fund to help build a sustainable association as the interest money generated from the corpus fund will be utilized towards employee expenses and day to day operations to serve the alumni.

Support various students, alumni and college initiatives that include

o Sponsoring and supporting student education through scholarships and awards

o Sponsoring guest faculty to bridge the industry gap

  • Sponsoring various initiatives being taken up the association to serve students, college and alumni better (Ex: Innovation Fund, Student clubs and activities, Development of Infrastructure, Organizing alumni events and meetups that promote professional and personal development etc.)


  • Be part of the alumni core team centrally or in the regional chapters in planning, organizing and executing on various initiatives and activities taken up the alumni association globally.
  • Help students, alumni and college with guidance, mentorship and consulting support

Network Support

  • Bring industry and personal networks to add value to students, college and alumni at KUCE (KSM). (Ex: Industry research collaborations, Bring companies to campus, Get Speakers beyond our alumni base to share knowledge and experience)
  • Help alumni transition into new roles with personal networks (Going to Masters, Searching for Jobs, Moving cities) and many more.

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